01/06/1876 - 01/09/1876

Ship Summary





Depart Date

Wednesday, May 31, 1876


Arrive Date

Thursday, August 31, 1876

Journey Notes

The Forfarshire appears to have been the vessel which the Lighthouse keeper at Cape Borda reported as standing out to sea on the night of Thursday last. It appears that the vessel being to leeward of the Straits, wore round and stood of shore, and for a time remained hove to before making another tack to windward. Finally she headed up through the Straits and came to anchor in the outer road-stead, whence she was removed on Saturday to a berth near the Bell Buoy. Of the voyage out the Captain Brown reports leaving on June 1, and having light westerly winds down the Channel. On the 5th he called at Plymouth and having embarked his passengers sailed on the 10th. The first winds were northerly, and the weather was fine until sighting the Island of Madeira on June 18th, which was the only land made during the whole passage. The north-east trades were not fallen in with till reaching 26° north, and then they proved extremely light, so much so that very slow progress was made towards the Line. In 5° north the trades failed entirely , and gave place to light variables and calms. On July 5 he crossed the Equator in 27½° west, and in the expectation of good S.E. trades he was disappointed by a continuation of similar weather. The Cape of Good Hope was rounded on August 6, and then was commenced a very good run across the Southern Ocean. The weather was so fair that several good days runs were made, and on two or three occasions gales were fallen in with, by beyond the loss of a foretopsail nothing serious happened, and the time so well cleared off the distance that on August 26 the ship was off the Leuwin. On Thursday she made Cape Borda, and on Friday night anchored in the roads. On Sunday she was towed into harbour on the afternoon's tide. Register 4/9/1876 With 410 government assisted migrants.


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