17/10/1858 - 10/03/1858

Ship Summary




Depart Date

Saturday, October 16, 1858


Arrive Date

Tuesday, March 9, 1858

Journey Notes

The Annie Forster.- The barque Annie Forster, from London, arrived at a very early hour yesterday morning, after a voyage, prolonged by adverse winds, fogs, and calms, to 144 days. Sixty days of this time was taken in reaching the Equator. During a heavy gale in the longitude of the Cape of Good Hope the entire channel-plates on the starboard side started; the foremast being consequently endangered, the foretopgallantmast and yards were sent down. This circumstance increased the length of the voyage by rendering it impossible to carry the amount of sail which she otherwise would have done. On March 9, in Gulf St.Vincent, a boy fell from the main rigging to the deck, and, strange to say, received no injury except a few slight bruises. The following vessels have been spoken or signalled:- Dec.5, in lat.6°94'N., long21°58'W., exchanged signals with the ship Don Diego, from Glasgow, bound for Valparaiso, 32 days out; Dec 10, in lat.5°17'N., long.21°8'W., signalled the ship Peveril of the Peak, from Liverpool, bound for Bombay, 38 days out; Dec.18, in lat.5°58'S., long.30°52'W., signalled the barque Clio, from Glasgow, bound to Singapore, 54 days out; Dec.24, in lat.26°15'S., long.28°22'W., exchanged colours with the American ship W.Singer. Register 11/3/1858


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