23/03/1855 - 10/06/1855

Ship Summary





Depart Date

Thursday, March 22, 1855


Arrive Date

Saturday, June 9, 1855

Journey Notes

The Grand Trianon.- This fine barque is almost new, her recent voyage from Liverpool being the first after leaving the stocks at New Brunswick, where she was built. Her log reports moderate weather during the voyage until reaching the longitude of the Cape, which was attained on the 9th May. Since then much foul weather has been experienced. On the 3rd April, in lat.28°18'N., long.22°20'W., spoke the H.C.Kidston, from Liverpool, bound for Melbourne, 16 days out. In lat.25°S., long.33°32'W. (date not mentioned in our report), the Grand Trianon was boarded by H.M.S.Calliope, from Sydney, bound to England. On the same day spoke the ship Velocity, from Plymouth, bound to Adelaide, 38 days out. Register 11/6/1855 This Government emigrant ship arrived at an early hour yesterday, June 10, after a fine passage of 79 days from the Mersey, whence the departure took place on the 23rd March. Of 357 emigrants of all ages taken on board at Birkenhead, not one has died during the voyage, and, four births having occurred, the total number of souls arrived is 361. The Grand Trianon was towed into the harbour yesterday afternoon, by the Government steam-tug, and Dr.Duncan, the Immigration Agent and Health Officer, who lost no time in paying his first visit to the ship, expressed himself in terms of warm commendation. Register 11/6/1855



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