28/05/1868 - 12/09/1868

Ship Summary



Depart Date

Wednesday, May 27, 1868


Arrive Date

Friday, September 11, 1868

Journey Notes

The CESAR GODEFFROY is one of the Hamburg line of passenger vessels which for a period of years have forwarded numbers of German emigrants to our shores. On Saturday morning she again turned up with 110 persons, to increase the population. There are several on board who have arrived at the instance of friends, and there are others seeking for themselves a southern home. Some family groups In the ‘tween decks are eminently suitable for agricultural pursuits. During the voyage out five deaths occurred, two being infants and three adult persons, one of the latter having been in failing health on embarkation. On reaching the roadstead the sanitary state of the ship was very satisfactory. As soon as she was cleared several of the passengers landed, for the prospect of getting into harbour was somewhat remote, seeing that 16 feet six inches was the draught and the tides were taking off. Captain Decker reports leaving Hamburg on May 28, and Cuxhaven three days later, with favourable wind to commence with; consequently, a fair start down Channel was made, but on getting away to the westward foul winds set in for some time, though not to any violent extent, and the Line was crossed in 28º on July 7; from there, although it has been very light occasionally a fair wind has blown, so that the studding sails were continually set on one side or the other, and never a chance to shorten sail for a gale. This continued till the close of the passage, and the tug having met her a short distance from the stations, towed to the Lightship, and anchored to await the entering springs. During the day the Customs Officer who boarded remained, but at night was relieved by others from the Port, when some amusement was caused by the retrenchment policy reaching such a remote position, causing a storm in a teapot, by compelling a gentleman from the Port to assume for the time being the position of glut tide waiter. Register, September 13, 1868


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