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Friday, May 12, 1967



Came to Australia with my father William Johnson. Mechanic. Mother Maureen. Sister Michaela and baby brother mark

We travelled to Australia immigrants on the Castel Felice I think 1966 0r 1967. We disembarked in Sydney. Travelling up to Brisbane by train. Moving into a suburb Inala. I am trying to find our names on a passenger list for my daughter who is researching family history. Eric Wood, Audrey wood and three sons Glyn Andrew and Paul. Any help would be very much appreciated.

I traveled on the Castel Felice from Brisbane to Southampton I think around September 1966 we called in to Aden unscheduled I believe to pick up the British Ambassador and family with his Jaguar hoisted into the deck. Trouble was brewing ! We went through the Suez Canal which was closed after in 1967 , I remember well the Bay of Biscay everyone seemed to be throwing up except me and my brother. This was our return after emigrating in 1963 for £10 . Anyone else on that trip ?

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