07/05/1860 - 17/09/1860

Ship Summary



Depart Date

Sunday, May 6, 1860


Arrive Date

Sunday, September 16, 1860

Journey Notes

The Caesar Godeffroy.- The Caesar Godeffroy sailed from Hamburg on the 7th May, having taken on board at that port a full complement of passengers and cargo for Cape Town, Adelaide and Melbourne. She made a favourable passage to Cape Town, where the passengers and cargo for that place were landed, and several additional persons embarked for the Australian colonies. She is a fine vessel of 600 tons register, of modern proportions and mould, and is evidently a fast ship in favourable weather. The Captain reports having spoken on August 20 lat. 41° 48' long. 25° 6', an American ship, 5192 third pendant, bound from Liverpool to Shanghai; on August 22, in lat. 42° long. 34°, the English ship Naomi, from London, bound to Robin Island (?), on Sunday, September 16, saw a whaling barque cruising off Cape Borda, but could not make out the name. Register 18/9/1860


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