10/07/1838 - 19/11/1838

Ship Summary





Depart Date

Monday, July 9, 1838


Arrive Date

Sunday, November 18, 1838

Journey Notes

Via the Downs (16 July) & Kingscote (9 Nov) & Holdfast Bay (16 Nov) where some passengers disembarked. Vessel carried ten private passengers from Hamburg, plus 23 of Pastor Kavel's group who could not be fitted on to the Prince George, making 33 passengers in all at departure. Dr Satterup took the chief cabin for 30 pounds; otherwise the cost was 18 pounds per adult above 18 years of age, and for each child one pound per year of age. Refer - "Kavel's People" by David Schubert. "It affords us great pleasure to announce the arrival in our harbourof a thorough TEMPERANCE SHIP. The Bengalee, Capt. HAMLIN sails without wine, beer, or grog! And not only does Capt. HAMLIN exert his influence, but by his example he contributes to the maintenance of the principle he has laid down. The ship Bengalee is a credit to all connected to her; her hands are strong, healthy, manly fellows, thorough specimens of British sailors, and they have already discharged more cargo since their arrival in the colony than any three vessels that have yet visited us. We sincerely hope the temptations which will be held out at the Port to induce these brave fellows to indulge in excess will be successfully resisted, and for the credit of the Colony we hope their own efforts will be seconded by those who will come in contact with them whilst at the Port." The Southern Australian 24/11/38.


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