23/04/1865 - 21/08/1865

Ship Summary




Depart Date

Saturday, April 22, 1865


Arrive Date

Sunday, August 20, 1865

Journey Notes

With 229 Souls; Government Assisted Migrants. The Norman Morrison.- Since the pilot cutters have cruised in the Gulf it is seldom that a vessel nears the stations without being boarded, but the Norman Morrison somehow or other manager to pass the Alternative Young St.George unobserved, and hove to, dead to windward of the jetty, with a "Jack" at the fore. Pilot Reed (who is second-class) took charge, and in less than an hour and a half she was moored in the steam, having sailed through the narrows at a time when a heavy squall from west came down with great violence, rendering his position anything but an enviable one. Sail was shortened, however, in time, and she was moored in her berth in the steam tiers in capital style. Her passage from Plymouth has not been remarkable for celerity, but a continuation of adverse winds account for this. No very violent gales, however, have been felt. Register 22/8/1865.


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