03/10/1865 - 23/12/1865

Ship Summary





Depart Date

Monday, October 2, 1865


Arrive Date

Friday, December 22, 1865

Journey Notes

With 382 Souls; Government Assisted Migrants. The Gosforth left London in September, and Plymouth on October 3, Consequently her arrival here on Saturday morning concluded a passage of 80 days, the whole period of which has been unmarked by any extraordinary matter of interest, and not even the usual diversity of speaking vessels having broken the monotony of the voyage. On leaving Plymouth some very heavy weather set in, continuing for a long period; but on the 14th October sighted the Island of Palma, and on November 1 crossed the Line in 26°W. The southeast trades were scarcely worth speaking of, consequently27 days elapsed before passing the meridian of the Cape; but after that she had a very fair run across the Southern Ocean. She anchored outside the Bell Buoy on Saturday morning and would have proceeded into harbour on the following tide had the master chosen to do so. The intervention of the holidays, however, induced him to keep his first position for a short time. The people are now free to leave at any time, the Government officials and Matron of the Servant's Home having boarded the ship on Saturday. Register 26/12/1865


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