11/01/1855 - 25/04/1855

Ship Summary





Depart Date

Wednesday, January 10, 1855


Arrive Date

Tuesday, April 24, 1855

Journey Notes

The arrival of this Government emigrant ship in our waters yesterday was announced at the very early hour of 4am. by the discharge of two of the ship's guns. The boats of those who attempted to board were guided, on leaving the Semaphore beach, by a faint light in the direction of Holdfast Bay, and supposed that the vessel making the signal was the screw steam-ship Bosphorus, bringing from Melbourne the English mails expected per Boomerang. On reaching the Caroline they were informed that the guns had been fired in consequence of the desertion of five of the crew who had decamped in the life-boat belonging to the ship, which they had cut from the davits. During the voyage, light winds were chiefly prevalent, but the 8th February, in lat.2°53'N. long.24°23'W., was marked by a very appalling occurrence. At 3am. on that day a flash of chain lightning struck the vessel, carrying away the fore and main topmasts, and the foretop, foretopgallant yards, fore and mizen royal yards, mizen-topgallant, and foretopmast crosstrees, splitting the foretopsail, foresail, topgallantsail, and completely destroyed two royals. This sad accident, for the time, completely crippled the ship. Happily, however, on the same day, at 9am. the Caroline boarded the American ship Samuel Adams. The commander, Capt.Gay, not only acted in a most seaman like manner but evinced his kindness and generosity in various ways, and presented the master of the Caroline with the only spare topmast he had on board. Register 26/4/1855


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