13/04/1856 - 25/07/1856

Ship Summary





Depart Date

Saturday, April 12, 1856


Arrive Date

Thursday, July 24, 1856

Journey Notes

The Government Immigrant Ship Hooghly This vessel, from Plymouth with emigrants, arrived shortly after midnight on Thursday the 24th instant, but was not boarded until Friday morning. It is the same vessel that arrived at our port 13 months ago, with emigrants, and it is somewhat remarkable that she is not only commanded by the same captain, but has also the same chief and second officers, who entertain a small degree of respect for their commander. The emigrants, who appear to be a well selected body, expressed themselves in high terms, not only of captain Rich and the doctor, but also of the officers of the ship. Captain Rich has received a testimonial from the emigrants expressing their gratitude for his kindness to them. The number of emigrants arrived is 255, being a addition of three during the voyage. There has been no sickness during the voyage, and but one death, this being a seaman. ---------------------------------------- The Hooghly.- The ship Hooghly, from Plymouth, arrived at midnight on Thursday. She has had a share of rough weather so recently experienced on our coast. She reports exchanging signals, on May 12, in lat. 2°26'N., long. 26°16'W., with the ship Margaret Dean, from Liverpool, bound for Rio de Janeiro, out 27 days. She also reports one of those fatal accidents from want of care on the part of a seaman when in the execution of their duty which too frequently occur. June 19, at 9am an able seaman, named John Hughes, fell overboard from the starboard cathead; the weather at the time was very thick and hazy, and a stiff breeze blowing from the S.E., the vessel being under single reefed topsails and topgallantsails, making ten knots. As soon as the poor fellow was noticed to be overboard, the ship was rounded to, two life-buoys were cut away, the life boat lowered by Cliffords patent, with six hands, in search of him, but to no avail, there being a high sea, and the ship at the time sailing fast through the water. The man had on heavy boots and an oil skin. The boat being absent nearly an hour, returned with one life-buoy, being the last of the two they examined in the water, without seeing a vestige of the unfortunate man. A discharge of his chest bore the name of Thomas Wardell. Captain Rich expresses himself highly pleased with Clifford's patent, for the purpose of lowering boats in heavy weather, which, in this instance, answered admirably. 26/7/1856



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