06/05/1866 - 24/08/1866

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Depart Date

Saturday, May 5, 1866


Arrive Date

Thursday, August 23, 1866

Journey Notes

The Sophie is one of Godeffroy's Line of Hamburg packets, which arrived at the roadstead on Friday, after a capital passage of 105 days. She was seen from the stations on the previous evening, but the light northerly winds compelled her to beat up the Gulf, where she was boarded by the first pilot from the new cutter. The day being remarkably fine, a start was made from the stations. It is due to Captain Wendt to acknowledge his courtesy to the shipping reporter, to whom he furnished full cargo and passenger lists. He said he had left Cuxhaven on May 10, with strong west and south-west winds, which continued through-out the North Sea. It was May 14 before she passed the Foreland and commenced a beat down Channel, and so perversely did the wind continue contrary, that it was the 29th before she passed Madeira. From here to the Line calms prevailed, and instead of scudding before brisk north-east trades, she lay motionless on the water. But after passing the Equinox, the south-east breezes were as fresh as could be wished, and the Cape was rounded on July 14. As soon as she passed that promontory, she had the full force of most violent gales, in which she behaved magnificently under storm canvas, and owing to good management no casualty occured. She sped over the stage between the Cape and the Australian land like a bird, but as usual at this season in passing Cape Leuwin calms and light winds prevented her making Cape Borda for several days. After this tedious season had passed the signal for steam was made, and while in tow of the tug the passengers mustered aft and presented Captain Wendt with a most flattering testimonial, such as a master would treasure with infinite satisfaction. Register 25/8/1866


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