08/07/1838 - 18/11/1838

Ship Summary




Depart Date

Saturday, July 7, 1838


Arrive Date

Saturday, November 17, 1838

Journey Notes

Via Plymouth. "We have been gratified by a visit to the Prince George, just arrived from Hamburg', with a large number of German emigrants. The vessel is in the highest order, and the emigrants have come out happy and contented, and express themselves fully satisfied with their kind treatment. -Great praise is due to the Captain and to Mr Flaxman (the supercargo) for their unremitting attention to the passengers on the voyage." - The Southern Australian 24/11/38 Menu - Sunday: 5/6 lb meat with dumplings or pudding and dried fruit, and a bottle of wine for 8 people. Monday: 1/2 lb bacon with peas and potatoes. Tuesday: 3/8 lb meat with beans or sour lentils. Wednesday: 1/2 lb bacon with sauerkraut. Thursday: 5/8 lb meat with rice and potatoes. Saturday: Grutze (peeled grain) with prunes and syrup. In addition, for each person each week: 1/2 lb butter, 5 lb bread (Zwieback, a kind of rusk), and 1/4 lb sugar; and tea and coffee mornings and evenings. Steerage passengers had to supply their own bed linen, and also utensils for eating and washing. The Prince George had been used for convict transport to Australia in 1837. After discharging the German migrants in 1838, she made a voyage to India (possibly going to Sydney first) and later returned to Port Adelaide. She was finally lost in the China Seas on July 21 1841. Refer - "Kavel's People" by David Schubert. Departing (4 Dec) for Sourabaya, calling at Kingscote (got ballast there (17 Dec) on way to Batavia).


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