05/08/1858 - 27/11/1858

Ship Summary





Depart Date

Wednesday, August 4, 1858


Arrive Date

Friday, November 26, 1858

Journey Notes

The passage of the Confiance, which is a North American-built vessel, has been marked by no remarkable incident beyond carrying away a few booms and the occasional parting of some of the running gear. Captain Tweddle reports the following vessels.- On August 13th, 37°23' north latitude, 15°36' west longitude, the brig Vanilla, bound to the Canary Islands. On August 31st, in 4°13' north, 20°36' west, spoke the barque Iacia, bound to the Cape of Good Hope, from Amsterdam. On September 16th, in 1°15' south latitude, 20° west longitude, the ship Jamsatjee Guzetjee, from Liverpool to Bombay. On September 30th, the barque La Plata, bound from London to the Cape of Good Hope, in 30°34' south, 34° west. The conclusion of the voyage was marked in a very disgraceful manner by a seaman named Henry Philips making a most unprovoked assault on the captain, while walking the poop, a few evenings prior to his arrival. On the pilot landing, he forwarded instructions to the water-police to take the cowardly fellow out of the vessel, to be dealt with by the civil authorities. Register 29/11/1858


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