02/08/1865 - 29/11/1865

Ship Summary





Depart Date

Tuesday, August 1, 1865


Arrive Date

Tuesday, November 28, 1865

Journey Notes

With 362 Souls. The LADY MILTON, a very fine spacious vessel arrived on Wednesday with Government and assisted immigrants after a passage of 104 days, which would have been materially reduced but for light winds and calms being met with outside Kangaroo Island, which prevented her entering the Gulf. The captain reported leaving Plymouth on August 16, but only took final departure from the Lizard on the 19th, when westerly winds set in and continued for seven or eight days, and on reaching the parallel of the trades they proved so light as to be of little avail, inasmuch as she was 39 days to the Line, and afterwards fell in with very indifferent S.E. trades, and between 13° and 17° S. had calms and light southerly winds. The meridian of the Cape of Good Hope was crossed on October 23 in lat.43° S., but no favourable winds marked the voyage, which passed monotonously away without any important event, till, on reaching 45°.30' S., 62°.45' E. an iceberg was seen, and being out of the ordinary latitude of such phenomena more than ordinary interest was excited by it. It was calculated to be five miles in circumference, by about 200 or 300 feet, with broken ice-floes extending to the E.S.E. and W.N.W. of the main berg, which, it appears, was not entirely alone on the route, for after running about 95 miles another was seen, but from the darkness of the night its dimensions were not calculated. Captain Davis desires to express his pleasure at the courtesy of Captain Paddle, who met him when about 65 miles west of Cape Borda and not only exchanged longitude, but exhibited bearings and distance of the Lighthouse in such a manner that the Lady Milton had no trouble in picking up the land. Her arrival would be doubtless reported by the City of Adelaide.Register 30/11/1865


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