24/02/1857 - 03/07/1857

Ship Summary





Depart Date

Monday, February 23, 1857


Arrive Date

Thursday, July 2, 1857

Journey Notes

The Gilmore - The Rev.Mr.Boake, the chaplain of the Gilmore, informs us that when in the latitude of Ascension they perceived a barque to windward, hull down, supposed to be steering for South America. During the morning she altered her course, and at one time appeared to sail faster and at another slower than the Gilmore. As the day wore on, the strange sail got nearer, taking a parallel direction. In the evening she got within speaking distance, but did not hail. As eight bells struck the stranger crossed the bows of the Gilmore. It being then dark, the captain and passengers felt uneasy, fearing a collision; but the stranger passed of to leeward. They watched her closely, as she was evidently about altering her position. She luffed up in the wind, and again crossed the bows of the Gilmore. Two men were put to the wheel, and the utmost exertions were used to prevent her performing this manoeuvre, but it appeared that the stranger could sail round and round the Gilmore at pleasure. The Captain made preparations to run into her, as great consternation prevailed on board. She resumed her position on the weather bow, and then again passed to leeward. In the morning she reappeared, and approached within pistol shot, as if to have another examination of the Gilmore, and hoisted the Peruvian flag in answer to the Union-Jack. It was the opinion of all on board that the vessel was a pirate, but that on ascertaining that the Gilmore was only an emigrant ship, she did not think it worth her while to annoy them further. Register 7/7/1857.


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