25/03/1856 - 04/07/1856

Ship Summary




Depart Date

Monday, March 24, 1856


Arrive Date

Thursday, July 3, 1856

Journey Notes

The Hawaiian ship General Blanco, from Hong Kong, has been 80 days at sea. On leaving Hong Kong she embarked 590 Chinese, 90 of whom were boys; but during the voyage there were eight deaths, six occurring, it is supposed, from decline, and two from suicide. her log records continued calms until reaching Cape Leuwin. Here a severe gale from N.W. induced her commander to send down the topgallantmast, in consequence of having sprung her fortopmast-head. The only cabin passenger is Captain J.Stevenson, who took command of the ship Flavius (on the resignation of her commander, Robinson), and took her to Calcutta, about two years since. It is not certain that the cargo of the General Blanco will be discharged at this port. Register 4/7/1856


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