25/08/1854 - 24/11/1854

Ship Summary





Depart Date

Thursday, August 24, 1854


Arrive Date

Thursday, November 23, 1854

Journey Notes

With 91 passengers for Melbourne. The Evening Star arrived at the Lightship anchorage after a passage of 90 days from Jersey. She is the first vessel that arrived in this colony under the third distinguishing pennant of Marryatt's signals. On the 6th October the Evening Star was compelled to put in at Pernambuco, in consequence of the water on board becoming unfit for use. She left Pernambuco on the 12th October, and has made the run from the longitude of the Cape of Good Hope in the short space of 24 days, the shortest on record. A report having reached Dr.Duncan that sickness prevailed on board the Evening Star, that gentleman visited the ship yesterday morning in his official capacity as medical officer, and found her in a very dirty state. Before leaving the ship he received a large packet with a statement of numerous complaints made by the passengers. A further investigation under the Passenger Act will be the result of Dr.Duncan's examination of the vessel. Register 26/11/1854.


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