02/07/1858 - 09/10/1858

Ship Summary





Depart Date

Thursday, July 1, 1858


Arrive Date

Friday, October 8, 1858

Journey Notes

The Bee, from Liverpool, arrived on Saturday morning. She is a large American-built vessel, with no very great pretensions to beauty, but from her size she is well adapted to the requirements of the Emigration Commissioners. She left Liverpool on the 2nd July, and such favourable weather marked the commencement of the passage that in ten days she had reached the parallel of the Island of St.Antonio, having during this time logged from 220 to 260 miles in the 24 hours. The Line was crossed on the 29th July, but the weather, which had hitherto favoured her, now became adverse, a continuance of calms and variables occurred, which protracted and delayed the vessel's progress. On the 7th September a barque was seen, which, on being neared, hoisted the Hamburg flag, but not being supplied with a code of signals on board the barque it was impossible to obtain her name. On the 28th September saw an English barque, in latitude 14°26', longitude 118°29', but from the distance could not make out her name. On the 5th September, in latitude 14°26', longitude 31°25'E. spoke the French ship Ganges, bound from Bordeaux to the Mauritius, 63 days out; and in the afternoon of the same day spoke the French barque Robert, from Liverpool, bound to Melbourne. The Bee was towed into harbour and moored in the Stream on Saturday. Register 11/10/1858


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