28/03/1858 - 09/07/1858

Ship Summary





Depart Date

Saturday, March 27, 1858


Arrive Date

Thursday, July 8, 1858

Journey Notes

The Utopia is no exception to other late arrivals from England in having made a long passage, which is accounted for by adverse weather, commencing in the Irish Channel, where she beat about for 14 days without making any considerable progress. The parallel of the Cape was reached in 71 days, and from the Cape to the Leuwin a good run of 18 days was traversed, but since that period easterly weather retarded her progress, and for the last 18 days of the trip she was within three days sail of her port of destination. She was seen from the beach station on Thursday at midday, but did not reach the anchorage until Friday morning, when she was boarded. Register 10/7/1858


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