15/12/1865 - 21/03/1866

Ship Summary





Depart Date

Thursday, December 14, 1865


Arrive Date

Tuesday, March 20, 1866

Journey Notes

The Trevelyan is a handsome iron clipper ship which has made her passage out in 95 days and this after being delayed for over a fortnight beating about in the chops of the Channel against most adverse weather; in fact, she was at sea during the gale which proved so destructive to the ill-fated London. But after storm then calm, and the course to the southward in the North Atlantic was made through light variables, and instead of brisk N.E. trades the tropic was drifted over. She passed Madeira on January 6, shaped a track inshore of the Cape Verdes, and was on the Line on January 23. The southern trades merged into such strong easterly winds that the ship was compelled to keep well to the westward, and it was February 10 before sighting Gough's Island, and eight days after the meridian of the Cape was passed. Then a long succession of fine fair winds induced a hope of a speedy termination to the passage, and a rapid headway across the Southern Ocean was made in 46 S.; but not an iceberg hove in sight to break the monotony of the everyday spectacle. On reaching Cape Leuwin, however the usual local winds were in vogue , and over a week has been spent in very slowly attempting to make Cape Borda. After seeing the light two more days elapsed before recieving Pilot Wellsmann onboard. Ship anchored at the lightship on Wednesday; but as soon as the floodtide made proceeded in tow of the Young Australian to the stream moorings.Register 22/3/1866


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