01/05/1880 - 11/06/1880

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Depart Date

Friday, April 30, 1880


Arrive Date

Thursday, June 10, 1880

Ports of Call

Journey Notes

Arrival of the LUSITANIA - When this steamer hove in sight on Friday the first idea was to make an early start, so as to put a pilot on board to take the vessel to a proper berth. All this was attended to, but Captain Powell needed no pilot, so he proceeded to his berth without delay, and prepared to receive coal and tranship cargo. Captain Powell gives a very good account of the outward voyage. Having left Plymouth at 12.45 on May 1, the vessel arrived on the 18th at St Vincent for coal. She left there at 11.30 pm on May 9, and arrived at the Cape at 12.30 am on May 24. After coaling she sailed on the same day, and had an excellent run across the Southern Ocean, running up to the roads and picking up a first class berth without any assistance from pilot or any one else. The time occupied from Plymouth to Cape Borda was 40 days 8 hours 17 minutes, including all stoppages. From the Cape to Cape Borda 16 days 22 hours, and the overseas average of steaming rate was 327 over all. During the most favourable days she made 340 miles on average. For six days after passing the Cape the vessel had some very heavy weather, in which the sails which were set were completely blown from their bellropes, and on May 31 she fell in with a gale of hurricane force, which lasted for eighteen hours. The days runs from the Cape were as follows:- 154, 296, 345, 351, 330, 341, 325, 350, 300, 323, 324, 323, 320, 351, 342, 325, 320 and a finish to Cape Borda of 240 miles. In order to facilitate the working of cargo the agents had the hulks in readiness, and the weather being propitious the discharge was at once commenced, and at 2 in the morning it was intended the vessel should sail. Register 12/6/1880


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