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Thursday, June 10, 1880

Journey Notes

The RENFREWSHIRE, formerly one of the fine iron ships, has been denuded of her square canvas from her misenmast, and turned into a barque since last here. She made a passage from Liverpool of eighty-six days, and was reaching off the land on Thursday morning, when the foretopsail-halyards were carried away. The topsail came down by the run, and the topgallantyard was carried away in the slings. In face of such an emergency the seamen might reasonably be expected to lay aloft and lend a hand to repair damages, but this task was deputed to the chief and second officers, who wobbled about the upper works like apprentices, while the seamen stood on the main deck gazing aloft. After a time the broken yard was sent down. The vessel having a consignment of powder on board was towed to the magazine for its discharge, after which she is to be taken to the wharf. The ship had a very good voyage from Liverpool, and no noteworthy incident occurred on the passage. The master discovered that his people had been making free with the spirits, and before long it was found that a most conveniently fixed ventilator had afforded "Jack" a front gate to bottled beer and whiskey. The whole of the crew appear to have participated in the plunder. Register 12/6/1880


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