23/05/1912 - 05/07/1912

Ship Summary



Depart Date

Wednesday, May 22, 1912


Arrive Date

Thursday, July 4, 1912

Journey Notes

With 216 passengers for Adelaide & 531 en route. --The Geelong-- The P.& O. branch liner Geelong berthed at Ocean Steamers' Wharf at 4 o'clock on Friday afternoon, having been delayed at the Semaphore Anchorage on account of the tide. Capt.Willington reported having left London on May 23, Las Palmas May 29, crossing the equator in long.9. W., and arrived at Capetown on June 14. She left the following day, and ran the easting down in lat. 42. S. The average winter weather was experienced. Wireless communication with Fremantle was established when 1, 558 miles distant from Adelaide. The steaming time from London was 40 days 33h. 49m. Of 5,711 tons of cargo on board, 1,195 is for Adelaide.


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