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Tuesday, January 16, 1906

Journey Notes

MR. DUTTON'S YACHT VERA. Mr. Henry Dutton's schooner yacht Vera, which recently arrived at Port Adelaide from England, will leave to-day on a three months cruise around the islands at the entrance to Spencers Gulf and the west coast. Mr. Dulton will be accompanied for a small portion of the time l-y His 'Excellency the Governor (Sir George Le Hunte), the Rev.G. Griffith, of Kapunda, and Air. JulianAyers. The Vera will cruise through the Sir Joseph Banks Group, where His Excellency will iind splendid opportunities to shoot and fish, and call at Port Lincoln. Coffin's Bay, and other places not visited during the last trip of the Governor Musgrove, when Sir George Le Hunte was on board. His Excellency will land at Port Victor on Wednesday, February 21. On Friday afternoon Mr. Dutton entertained a number of friends at afternoon tea on board his yacht on the Port River. Among those present was Sir George Le Hunte. The Vera is now in cruising trim, and with her fine exterior lines, tall, tapering masts, well equipped gear, and beautiful decks, she looks every inch a yacht. She was built in1888 by Messrs. C. Hansen & Sons, at Cowes. Her timbers and frames are of solid teak. Though by no means a new vessel, her stability was well tested during the trip out from England. She came out via- the Cape of Good Hope, in charge ot Capt. Valentine, without a scratch, and her qualities as a sea boat received ample proof. Her principal dimensions are:— Length, overall, 103 ft.; breadth. 20 ft. 4 in.; depth of hold, 11 ft. 3 in.; while she draws 13 ft.4 in. of water. Just before leaving England she was fitted with a 75-hp. Engine by Phiilips & Son, of Dartmouth. This was placed in what was formerly the ladies' cabin, and though the alteration necessarily reduced the accommodation below, she has a splendid saloon and well-appointed berths for a limited number of guests. The Vera carries a crew of eight hands on deck and one engineer, and the command has been placed in the hands of Capt. G. H. Porter, who has had extended experience on the coast. Register 10/2/1906


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