I was a passenger on the eastern queen on dock Freemantle july 12 1974 and would like to contact for the 50th anniversary of ariving in Aus

I suspect two "Eastern Queens" are being mixed up here. I think the Eastern Queens which did the Singapore Fremantle run was this one, not built in Dumbarton.

Iwas a passenger on the Eastern Queen docked Fremantle july 12 1974

I was a senior purses on board eastern queen carrying malaysian Muslim pilgrims plying between penang, port klang, singapore, sabah, serawak jeddah to and fro during the haj season in the 70's then off season to nagapattinam and Madras now Chennai carrying passengers and cargo especially onions and general goods for discharge at penang, port klang and singapore....

I arrived in Freemantle with two friends on the Eastern Queen 16/1/73. Flew Gatwick to Singapore , 3 nights stay then shipped to Aus. 99 pound I recall for the trip and stayover. Slept on deck as it was too hot in the dorm which was in the bow with no portholes. Great trip.

My parents journeyed from Singapore to Fremantle on this ship in 1972. Sadly, my father died on the voyage and was buried at sea due to lack of facilities for deceased bodies. The captain and crew were very kind to my mother for the rest of her lonely voyage.

I came on the eastern queen in September 1973 Has a little girl from Singapore to fremanle With my parents How times have changed s

Jim Attrill is right, I was a junior engineer who met his wife of near 50 years on the "Queen" on a voyage from Yokohama to Australia. A marvellous old vessel.

I was 2nd mate on Indo-China SN Co Eastern Queen. Was there for 18months on Australia - Japan Express service. A wonderful and exciting life = never a dull moment !! Sailed with Jim Atrill there

I was 2nd mate on Indo-China SN Co Eastern Queen. Was there for 18months on Australia - Japan Express service. A wonderful and exciting life = never a dull moment !! Sailed with Jim Atrill there

After I was kicked out of Japan (working on tourist visa) my new Japanese wife and I flew to Bangkok, went by train to Singapore (marvellous trip), stayed Singapore some weeks awaiting her Aus visa. Boarded MV Eastern Queen and arrived Fremantle 6 Oct, 1973. I believe we were at sea 6 days but memories fade. Overland to Sydney and stayed Oz 4 years (legally! as Commonwealth citizen). The trip is a highlight of our lives.

I was a cadet & 4th Navigating Officer under Irish Captain Thomas McCabe in 1973-4 Our journey took 6 days from Singapore to FREMANTLE. Our passengers are mostly British migrants who paid only 2 British pounds for their journey provided they stay in Australia for 2 years. Jobs accommodation n welfare provided by Australia government according to the passengers. Our journey passed by Christmas Island at close proximity Had great time n beautiful memories of Eastern Queen n FREMANTLE & Perth.

I sailed as a delightful passenger on the Eastern Queen from Brisbane to the Port of Yokkaichi in Japan in March of 1969. Wonderful trip. It is really something to see and watch these glorious ships of the past and how majestic they were. A class of their own.

I was a passenger on board the Eastern Queen plying from Madras to penang. 30/7/76. By domitory.

She was hired by Wallins HK Ltd (parent company AsiaPacific Shipyard Singapore) in late 70s loaded with equipment, picked up workers from Penang and docked at Jedddah seaport for massive stevedoring project. We were accomodated in it for several months. A mature charming vessel and I have fond memories of it.

my wife and i flew by Singapore Airline from Gatwick to Singapore refuelling in Bahrain and again in Bombay India, we think it was around early july 1972, where we had a fourteen nights holiday before joining the Eastern Queen, we then had a eight day voyage before arriving in Freemantle .the ship had a full Chinese crew including officers maybe Singaporians. Good trip,

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