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Steel Twin Screw Steamer, 782 nhp.



Built In


14,629g 9,116n


563.2 x 68.4 x 40.2


Ocean Steam Ship Co.Ltd (A.Holt & Co, mgr), reg. Liverpool. 1950 Aug 8: Arrived at Faslane for breaking up by Metal Industries Ltd.



Hi, I have a blank postcard of the TSS Nestor - Re. the postcard of the T S S or S S Nestor. This ship went out the Port Phillip Heads on 14th September, 1929. This postcard was bought by my father Eric Douglas who was onboard. He was on his way to Cape Town, South Africa to board the Discovery (SY Discovery) for the first BANZARE Voyage to the Antarctic, under the leadership of Sir Douglas Mawson, with Captain John King Davis as the ship’s Captain. Some of Explorers for BANZARE boarded the Nestor in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Captain Morton Moyes boarded the Nestor in Sydney. Sir Douglas Mawson went onboard in Adelaide. Other explorers made their way to Cape Town on the Discovery from London via Cardiff (to load Cardiff briquettes), and included in that contingent was Frank Hurley and of course the ship’s Captain, John King Davis. The explorers were known as the ‘Scientific Party’. Stuart Campbell and Eric Douglas were seconded from the RAAF to fly Gipsy Moth seaplane VH-ULD fitted with floats (and also supplied with aeroplane skis). I have a copy of the Nestor’s social program. Also my father kept a short log of the voyage on the Nestor.

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