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Steel Twin Screw Steamer



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430.0 x 54.2 x 30.0


reg. Plymouth. 1936 Mar.17: Destroyed by fire and scuttled, South Atlantic. Crew rescued by the steamship Barrabool.



My Grandfather & family arrived in Brisbane 8 November,1911 on the SS Paparoa. My father was born 23 days later on 1 December, 1911. I had the original diary notebook that my Grand Uncle kept of the trip, but I donated it to the Qld. public library. I did scan and keep a copy of the book. If it would be of interest to your organisation, I can send it to your email address as a attachment. Yours faithfully. Bill Parker

Hi Bill, I've just read your comment. My grandfather was also on this very same voyage in 1911. He came over with his mother and father. Is it still possible to get a scanned copy of this document? Or do you have any info on how it would be catalogued at the Queensland Library. Thank you. Chris

Hi Bill, Is your Grandfather William George Parker, born in 1873 in Kentish Town, London? Laurence

Hi Bill My mother also came to Australia on the same voyage, as an infant. I would love to have a scanned copy of the diary of the voyage if available. Regards Jeanette

Hello Bill, my grandfather sailed to Brisbane on the Paparoa in September 1914. As I'm writing a family history, I was wondering if you would be able to send me a copy of your grand-uncle's diary? It would be most appreciated. Best wishes, Nick

This is fascinating. I've just discovered a family I'm researching for my partner's cousin travelled on this same voyage. It would be fantastic to have a scanned copy of the diary.

Hi I have a 20 x 12 cm photo of this ship & I am wondering if my great grandparents William Arthur Porter + wife travelled on this ship to NZ ? They must have arrived in the late 1800's - then my great grandfather was a missionary in South Africa where my grandfather was born in 1895. Does anyone have more details re the ships travels?

I have also discovered a second cousin who travelled on this same voyage with her husband and infant son. I would also like a scanned copy of the diary if possible.

Hi... My great grandma travelled to NZ on the Paparoa in 1921 on her own. She was a widow and family tradition has it that she went to meet a man. I don't know if she already knew him or if she went on a " fishing" trip... She didn't !like him, though and returned to London. What an adventure! I'd love to see a copy of your diary, if I may, to get a sense of her journey. Thanks very much

I have a relative that came out on this ship in 1911. Her name is Jean Paterson Smith. Would anyone know how to get the passenger list from this time?? Thanks in advance, Debbie

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