17/02/1866 - 17/06/1866

Ship Summary




Depart Date

Friday, February 16, 1866


Arrive Date

Saturday, June 16, 1866

Journey Notes

Via Plymouth (13 March) The Charlotte Gladstone is a fine commanding American-built ship of 1303 tons which has made a good passage of 98 days. On leaving the land some very bad weather dissipated all hopes of making a very rapid voyage, but nevertheless she crossed the Line on the 10th April, and passed the Cape on May 5th. During the very stormy weather encountered in running down the easting occasionally the hatches were battened down, and on one occasion the vessel was run before a strong southerly gale for several days. Indeed the master who has been 35 years at sea never before experienced such a prevalence of violent gales throughout the entire voyage. The first of any importance set in on March 15, and lasted without intermission for four days. On March 28th passed the Island of Palma, and on the 31st an eclipse of the moon was noted in the log. The next month's progress was not very brilliant, for on April 20 she was off the Martin Vasse Rocks, and after rounding the Cape on the 10th she had a perfect hurricane of wind, which lasted several days. Thus during the whole month it continued most tempestuous especially on nearing the Leuwin, but subsequently she was delayed by light variables; and this is the more remarkable as the weather here has been the contrary, and the reports from King George's Sound are the same. At any rate this has prevented a rapid run in, but the pilot boarded on Sunday morning early, and made signal for steam, which was answered by the tug's prompt attendance, and at sundown she was towed over the outer bar. Register 18/6/1866 With 443 Souls; Government Assisted Migrants.



John ROACH, From County Kilkenny Ireland, Single, Farm Labourer, Aged 26

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