Ship Details


Steel Twin Screw Steamer, 1847 nhp.(M class)



Built In


10,902g 5,889n

Built By


540.0 x 61.3 x 24.6


Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co., reg. Greenock. 1909 June 4: Maiden voyage to Australia. 1913 & 14: Baltic Cruise Ship. 1914 Aug.2: Recalled from a Baltic cruise and fitted out as an armed merchant ship. 1915: Tropship. 1920: Returned to the Australian service via Bombay. 1935 May: Sold for scrap at Shanghai. Last for her class.



On 5th June 1920 the first Indian Olympic Team sailed for England in the RMS Mantua, disembarking at Tilbury. I would be very interested to hear from anyone with information as to their voyage from Bombay, in second class.

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