01/12/1911 - 06/01/1912

Ship Summary




Depart Date

Thursday, November 30, 1911

Arrive Date

Friday, January 5, 1912

Journey Notes

Via Gibraltar (5 Dec), Marseilles (8 Dec), Port Said (13 Dec), Aden (17 Dec), Bombay (22 Dec), Colombo (22 Dec) & Fremantle (2 Jan). Bound for Sydney.



hi i have some photos of RMS. Mantua and F.R. RNR Vibert. I noticed you dont have a photo of F.R. RNR Vibert. i tried to send it to you but the upload part of your site dose not seem to work on my PC. if you would like the 8 photos i have can you give me an alternative way to send them. regards John Ellwood

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