Ship Details


Screw Steamer



Built In


14,193g 8,584n


530.6 x 68.3 x 39.9


Aberdeen & Commonwealth Line Ltd., reg. London. 1957 April 13: Arrived at Barrow to be broken up.



Long story But really I am intrested in THE People working at This ship in THE Year 1956 Reason Looking for my biologic father Possible name Freddy Evans

I travelled on ss Moreton Bay Sydney to England in 1946. We had 750 Prisoners of War to go to Naples. I am looking for a passenger list

I am in the process of typing out my father's (Albert George Bayer) diaries and illustrating them with photos he took en route. His first diary is about his voyage from London to Australia as a 15 year old 'deck boy' in 1938 on S. S. Moreton Bay.

Our family travelled from Sydney to the UK in late 1955. Not sure of the exact date. Part way through the trip we were stranded across the Suez Canal for a few days until tug boats straightened the ship so we could continue our journey. We did take some photos and I'm hoping to track them down.

My grandfather came to Australia on that boat approx 1928 my dad still has the original ticket

Sailed from south hampton to australia on way to nz ..with father F.J.Sutton and mother I. Sutton 1950..and younger sistet Linda .

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