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Steel Twin Screw Passenger Liner, 4912 nhp



Built In


23,696g 12,908n


640.3 x 82.2 x 33.7


Orient Steam Navigation Co.Ltd., reg. London. Launched from Australia by wireless by the Governor General, Duke of Gloucester. 1939 Sept.: Converted to transport. 1941: Damaged in a collision with battleship "H.M.S. Revenge". 1946: Refitted at Barrow. 1947 Feb.25: Resumed passenger service. 1954 Sept.17: Began extended service across the Pacific from Sydney which continued for 3 round voyages. 1963 June: Chartered for 4 months as a hotel ship in Hamburg. 1963 Oct. 1: Left Hamburg to be broken up in Antwerp at Tamise.



Sailed from Tilbury England on the 13th November 1962 with my family my Fathers name was George Harvey Woodward mother Janet Agnes Woodward my twin brother Alan Woodward my younger brother Maurice and sister Annette Elizabeth Woodward it took 4 weeks to arrive in Adelaide. We docked at outer harbour at 11 oclock at night .

Sailed from Tilbury in November 1962 along with my grandparents, Doris and Michael Conway. Arrived in Melbourne on my 10th birthday, 17 December 1962. It was a great adventure for me at that age. We stopped on Pireaus where we were able to sightseeing in Athens. My grandfather hired a taxi for a tour of the city and we saw among other things the Parthenon. We then sailed through the Mediterranean Sea and through the Suez Canal. We docked in Aden where we again went ashore and explored. Our next stop was Colombo in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) where we again hired a taxi to explore. Our next stop was Perth where we said goodbye to some friends made during our voyage. We then stopped in Adelaide and then sailed on to Melbourne where we disembarked I clearly remember the staff on the Orion making me a birthday cake. My grandmother always said the ship was a floating hotel. I was looking forward to six weeks off school but to my dismay, there was a school on board and I had to attend in the mornings. Fond memories of the voyage.

My family sailed from Tilbury to Perth Western Australia arriving in August 1962. We were Alan Roger Tann, Joyce Mary Tann, Lynne Christine Tann and Susan Wendy Tann.

Travelled down from Glasgow by train the previous night and boarded this beautiful old ship at Tilbury on the 15/07/62 for our long voyage to Sydney Australia, I was 4.5 years old at the time but still remember parts of the voyage. We disembarked at Sydney on the 20/08/62 then travelled to East Hills migrant hostel which was a bit of a eye opener, my parents vowed to get us out of there which they did in short time. We travelled as a extended family with grandparents, parents and children, there were 13 of us that left Clydebank, I still have a copy of the newspaper article about our trip to Australia. Will upload some pictures on board the ship and my cousins, sisters and I playing at East Hills Hostel.

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