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Monday, August 13, 1962



Voyage from Ceylon to Tilbury Docks on 6th June 1962. Aged 9 and 3/4.

My name is Colin Hiscoe and i travelled from Tilbury dock London England on the 15th July 1962 with my mother Lily Hiscoe and i arrived in Australia on the 11th August 1962. I am interesting in any photos of the ship and photo of people and a list of the people on this ship which was S.S. Orion. In Particularly i am very keen to try and contact a Shelia Lavette( Sorry not sure how to spell her name) who got of the ship in Free mantle Australia. I am also keen to start a friendship group from anyone on this trip and hopefully be able to write to you. Hoping somebody can help me PLEASE. Thanking you in advance. Yours Sincerely Colin Hiscoe.

Hi Colin, I travelled on the Orion on this same voyage, we left Tilbury on the 15/07/1962 and arrived at Fremantle on the 13/08/62, could be wrong with this date. We disembarked at Sydney on the 20/08/62, I was only 4.5 years old but have some memories of the long trip, I do have some photos of the Orion onboard. A few years ago I did manage to find the ships passenger log for that voyage online, feel free to contact me.

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