Ship Details


Steel Twin Screw Steamer, 1,973 nhp.



Built In


12,129g 6,781n


535.0 x 63.2 x 34.1


Orient Steam Navigation Co.Ltd., reg. Glasgow. 1917 June: Troop transport. 1919 Jan.: Returned to passenger service. 1930 Mar.: Sold to P.& W.MacLellan, Glasgow, for breaking-up.






My great uncle Cyril William Tye [1905-1972]was listed as being an ex passenger on board the S S Osterley on the 6th december 1924. I believe he joined the Australian Army and was married to Dorothy Elsie Burton [1911-1971] in Sydney. In November 1929 the Commonwealth of Australia Migration and Settlement Office were trying to find him. Cyril was the son of William Tye of Denham, Suffolk and Alice White of New Houghton, Derbyshire. Cyril had an elder brother Alfred [1913-1982], Leonard [1907-1955] and Shadrack [1907-1990]. cyril and Dorothy were the parents of Edward William Tye, Beverley Honor Tye and Pamela Dorothy Tye. Cyril and Dorothy died at Kogarah NSW. The Tye family came from Hoxne and Denham, Suffolk. Alfred Tye [1903-1982] was my maternal grandfather and I have been trying to trace Cyril and his family in Australia.

My great uncle William Bayliss, my great aunt Florence May and cousins Florence Betty and Phyllis May emigrated to Australia 23 June 1928, William who was 37 at the time was a coal miner from Merthyr Tydfil.

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