21/05/1919 - 03/07/1919

Ship Summary





Depart Date

Tuesday, May 20, 1919

Arrive Date

Wednesday, July 2, 1919

Journey Notes

With 953 soldiers and soldiers' wives and children on board the R.M.S.Osterley arrived at the Outer Harbour Wharf shorthly before noon on Thursday. Altogether 104 of the women were for South Australia. There were many persons to meet the contingent of happy, smiling young women. The vessel left London on May 21, and experienced a good voyage. Those on board expressed themselves as well satisfied with the conditions on the Osterley. Capt.Campbell and Sgt.Murray directed the disembarkation arrangements. As soon as the women reached the wharf they were taken charge of by their friends and accompanied to the city. The Osterley left for Melbourne at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Register 4/7/1919.


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