Ship Details


Twin-Screw Turbo-Electric, 4112 nhp




23,732g 13,465n


639.5 x 82.2 x 3.6


Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co., reg. London. 1939-45: Troopship. 1946-47: Reconditioned. 1947: Resumed her original service. 1950: Made four round voyages to New York under charter to Cunard. 1961: Converted to a one class ship. Bombay call ommitted. 1963 Aug 7: Last voyage to Australia, then chartered to the Travel Savings Association for cruising. 1964: John S.Latsis, reg. Piraeus. 1969 May 19: Arrived at ship breakers at La Spezia to be scrapped.



My father Rolf Arthur Jensen and wife Elfrida and my elder brother Peter arrived with me at Outer Harbour in December 1956 having left London at Tilbury 4 weeks earlier. The voyage was unusual because we came around the Cape of Good Hope because of the Suez Crisis. I still remember seeing the coast of Kangaroo Island as we approached Adelaide arriving the following day. The press was waiting to catch his disembarkation because he was the new Professor of Architecture at Adelaide University where he worked until his retirement in 1975. I spent my formative years in Adelaide attending St Peters College and Adelaide University. PS I notice that these details do not appear to be listed in sailings or passengers in this archive but I can vouch for their accuracy. As a young boy of 9 at the time it was one of the most momentous times I can ever recall. I also still have a copy of the press clipping which records our arrival.

I think my dad may of come over on this ship from India. Would you no if it when from India to England. Dont no the year .i aslo have a pen knife which he got from the ship i think

Our family , comprising my father , mother and 2 brothers plus sister came to Adelaide from Bombay via Colombo in ( I think ) 1958. On the Stratheden. We docked at Port Adelaide. Made some friends on board from amoung the British migrant families. Most sailed on to Melbourne or Sydney.and have not seen any since. I was 15 at the time. My father was a missionary in India but Australian.

Our family , comprising my father , mother and 2 brothers plus sister came to Adelaide from Bombay via Colombo in ( I think ) 1958. On the Stratheden. We docked at Port Adelaide. Made some friends on board from amoung the British migrant families. Most sailed on to Melbourne or Sydney.and have not seen any since. I was 15 at the time. My father was a missionary in India but Australian.

My Mother, Father, brother and myself left Tilbury docks and arrived in Wellington NZ Nov 1962 via the Suez Canal - just before it closed because of war. I had my 13th birthday on the ship (28th October) I imagined the Stratheden to be so much bigger! ..Amazing trip..My father was a plumber and needed by NZ....I think we may have been a '10pound Pom'!

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My father, Carl Oscar Andersson left Sydney on the 9th of November 1960 on Stratheden. According to an invitation to a Cocktail Party, he lived in Cabin 951. The invitation reads: P&O Orient Lines Captain P. G. LAWRENCE and the Senior Officers of s.s. "Stratheden" request the pleasure of the company of mr. Andersson at a Cocktail Party on the Tourist Dance Space Saturday, 3rd December, 1960 at 6.30 p.m Unfortunately, my father passed away on the 28th of May in 2001, so I am not able to ask him any questions regarding his trip, but I recently found some papers about his time in Australia and among it information about Stratheden. Among his Stratheden related stuff is also a menu from the 25th of november 1960.

My grandmother came from England to visit my mother in 1963, travelling on the SS Strathdene. She kept an extensive travel journal of her voyage to and from Australia, which makes excellent reading!

In February 1946, my father-in-law was transferred on the 'S.S. Stratheden' from the port of Durban, in South Africa, to Naples (Italy), having spent the previous five years as an Italian POW in the Zonderwater (Transvaal) prisoner camp.

Does anyone have details as to the name of Stratheden's captain in March 1950 please?

In 1962 on august, about 50 students from India travelled in S.S Stratheden from Bombay to tilbury. All eventually on their way to u.S.a for higher studies. Celebrated 15th August- the Indian Independence Day on the ship. The made a port call to Aden, port said through Suez Canal and then to Napoli, Marseilles and finally to Tillbury.

We travelled from London to Victoria Australia arrived in 12/6/1962. We lost our certificate of crossing the equater

My father K.SITTAMBALAM travelled from Colombo to London departing CBO on 10th May 1954 and travelled via the Suez canal; stopping at Bombay, Aden, Port Said, Rome, Marseille, Gibraltar and finally London. From memory the journey took about 21 days.

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