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Steel Twin Screw Passenger Liner,




28,790g 11,940n


722'10" x 90'7" x 30'11"


Orient Steam Navigation Co.Ltd., reg. London. 1958: Placed on the transpacific route Australia-USA. 1965: Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co. 1974 Feb 14: Arrived at Kaohsuing to be broken up.



James McKinney with a person named "Haltersley", left the Port of London, arriving in Sydney Australia on the 13-09-1912. Any information would be greatly appreciated for my family tree. Thanking you Kevin McKinney

Trying to trace what happened to Gertrude M Samuels, a crew member on voyage from Sydney to California in December 1961

I was a 1961 £10 POM I arrived in Melbourne aboard the P&O SS ORSOVA on November 26 1961. My “ story “ can be found on line in the Melbourne Immigration Museum archives. I have ever been in contact with any of my fellow migrant passengers. It would be nice to share with any of them,not that I remember individuals by name.

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