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Steel Twin Screw Passenger Liner, 42500 shp




27,632g, 15,042


708'8" x 93'6" x 31"


Orient Steam Navigation Co.Ltd., reg. London. 1951: Caught fire whilst fitting out. 1954 Jan.1: Transpacific voyage Sydney-San Francisco. 1958: Placed on the Transpacific service. 1962 Sept: Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co. 1975 Oct.7: Arrived at Kaohsuing, Taiwan to be broken up.



Am reading Michael Ondaatje autobiographical novel The Cats Table, in which the Oronsay plays a major role, beautifully written, not to be missed .

Wanting to find he name of a passenger saling from Australia to London in 1962

My Mother travelled to Australia on the SS Oronsay on the ships voyage from London to Adelaide 1958. I am researching my Mothers travel to Australia and her adventures whilst she was in that country. I found a postcard addressed to her " Miss Mary Carr, SS Oronsay, Sydney NSW Australia. Dated 21 March 1958. It would be wonderful for my brothers and myself if it can be confirmed she was on the passenger list. Regards, Mary Jo Taylor

Boarded ORONSAY in Sydney , Nov. 18th 1955, Berth 281. Suva Fiji, Honalulu Hawaii, Vancouva Canada, San Francisco California on December 8th 1955. Fastest preparation of 28 days from indenture release from Evans Deakin Shipyards in Brisbane, National Service callup, Passport issue, Tax clearance, and other 'Minor' documents. Age 20! Loved the experience.

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